Pull & Term System

Vos Pull and Term System
After receiving the cable schedule in Excel format, we convert the information into our own customized software. We assign each cable a four-digit Vos ID number for easy reference, and then assemble the pull folder with the following information:

  • Vos ID number
  • Engineered cable numbers
  • Size and type of cable“From” and “to” location with description
  • Two cable ID tags (one for each end of the cable for pulling)
  • After the cable is pulled, each folder is returned to the office and signed by the foreman for that particular area

Benefits from our Pull and Term System are that our software will check for:

  • Proper wire and size for motors
  • Duplication of wire numbers
  • Duplication of “From” and “To” termination locations
  • Enough conductors in each cable

We have used this system for more than 20 years to ensure we do not overlook any cables that need to be installed, enabling Vos Electric to meet or exceed all job completion dates.