We are proud of our exemplary safety record as an industrial electrical contractor. We do not consider a project successful unless everyone comes home safely.


We deliver high quality in every project, and our customers appreciate it. That is why the largest part of our industrial business comes from repeat customers.

  • We adhere to a Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) program that is time-tested, yet flexible enough to adjust to current standards.
  • Vos uses QA/QC documents that are industry standard to ensure only the highest quality.


Our teams work hard to meet the demands of our customers’ schedules, making every effort to ensure our installations do not interfere with your business.

  • We maintain a database that tracks the progress of all industrial installations, which reports back to the customer and enables you to follow our progress.
  • We provide forecasts that show what needs to happen in order to complete a project on time or early, allowing you the ability to meet market demands


Vos Electric’s “Core Crew” of employees has worked together for more than 25 years, and they willingly share their knowledge and experience with new employees to ensure your project receives the highest level of proficiency. These talented and dedicated individuals are multi-craft knowledgeable, providing a broad base of expertise for any situation.


Vos Electric is a licensed electrical contractor in approximately 30 states, with a proven ability to complete a wide range of projects.

  • We install hydraulic, lube oil, pneumatic machine, pneumatic valve and instrument impulse tubing. We also have experience working with poly, stainless steel (all grades), copper and specialty tubing. Leak testing also is available.
  • Telecommunication wiring, including fiber optics, Ethernet cabling in industrial offices, and industrial process communication wiring such as Profibus, Fieldbus, DeviceNet, Modbus, Controlnet, Industrial Ethernet, or other communication protocols.

Vos also has electrical engineers on staff that can assist in process controls programming.


Our team of electrical engineers assists our clients with constructability issues early in the design phase, which results in lower project costs without compromising quality.