Controlling Risk

Safety Statistics

Vos Electric employees understand that safety is a performance expectation. Everyone is responsible for accident prevention and held accountable to that standard.

In addition to avoiding personal injury, accident prevention minimizes damage to equipment, facilities and materials.

Elements of Vos Electric Safety:

Individual Project Safety Analysis
Unannounced Safety Monitoring
Corporate Safety Director
Safety Manual
Regular Safety Training
Safety Incentives
Safety Records
Zero Tolerance Drug Policy
Random Substance Screening

Safety demands commitment at all levels, including officers, team members and clients.

We promote accident prevention by engineering safety into our work, mandating education and enforcing safety policies.

Safety Record

20052006 2007200820092010201120122013201420152016
Number of Injury Related Fatalities000 000000000
Number of Lost Work Day Cases for Injuries0010001 00000
Number of Restricted Work Day Cases for Injuries111211111112
Number of Injuries w/o Loss of Restricted Work Days432221010000
Number of Illness Related Fatalities000000000000
Number of Lost Work Day Cases for Illness000000000000
Number of Restricted Work Day Cases for Illness000000000000
Number of Illnesses w/o Lost or Restricted Work Days000100000000
Total Number of Cases on the OSHA 200544532221112
Incident Rate/Recordable Rate1.411.11.931.

Insurance Modifier Rate (EMR)


Employee Hours Worked