Fostering Quality

Experience Matters

The measure of a company is in the quality of its workforce. Vos Electric retains a committed team of professionals that provide the highest level of service excellence in the industry.

Building Leaders

We provide growth opportunities for all employees, offering advancement and individual enrichment. Our generous benefit program includes health coverage, retirement savings and regular compensation reviews. Under our approved apprenticeship programs, we train our employees to be electricians and instrument technicians.

Job Security

Employees are cross-trained to maximize job security. We encourage second apprenticeships and provide any training an employee wishes to pursue. As part of our team approach, employees are encouraged to share their knowledge.

Stable Workforce

Rather than lay off employees at the conclusion of a job, we move them to the next job site. This creates a stable workforce, builds consistency, and fosters mutually beneficial client/staff relationships. Our clients receive the same high-quality workmanship at job sites throughout the United States.

We recognize that family life is critical to employee retention and the well-being of future generations. Maximizing family time is a key consideration in job scheduling and management.

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